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Welcome to a Gamer's Paradise

This is where gaming happens. A sanctuary for hardcore and lazy gamers alike. Where the next big thrill is only a mouse-click away. This is Ultimate Gamer, and we are here to bring you the best and latest games, consoles, and accessories at affordable prices. Looking for the latest release? We have it. Looking for that special accessory for your console or PC? We have it. Considering an upgrade to a newer console? We have the advice and stock needed to make sure that you get lost in a world of gaming.

Situated in Klerksdorp, North West, Ultimate Gamer has been operating for the last 3 years and has become the No. 1 pitstop for gamers both local and from afar. We are always on the lookout for something new and unique that will make the gamer in you squeal with delight.

Every customer that walks in is a valued customer. And it is our mission to provide you with the best service possible. Looking for something specific that you can't find? Why not get in contact with us and let us go the extra mile in finding it for you.

Ultimate Gamer is for you. The Gamers.

Ultimate Gamer - Live In Your World, Play In Ours